Coruptia din Romania si Clasa Politica

Am avut “norocul” sa citesc comentariul unui roman pe Reddit si am observat cat de bine se muleaza pe parerile mele despre cum functioneaza clasa politica in Romania si cum este ea insasi plina de coruptie. Nu mai traduc comentariul in limba romana, cred ca oricum pe cei care nu stiu o boaba de engleza nu ii intereseaza de ceea ce se intampla in tara asta.

“In one word, the problem is corruption and, associated with it, widespread poverty.

Some details, based on Romanian politics (I’m certain it’s the same in Bulgaria):
The political system is a sham democracy. You can choose between several parties, but their policies are practically identical. It doesn’t matter who you choose because the result is identical.

The political parties are some kind of a closed castes. You need to know someone in order to get inside. When you get inside, you must be involved in their shady deals, or else, you’ll not be promoted. There is no such thing as a clean and honest person in our politics and I really mean literally none, no exceptions. Such a honest person would not be controllable by the leaders of the party, and as such, would be unreliable and might even try to rid out of their corruption system.

The idea is that all the party leaders have their own clients (lower-level members), whom they control through blackmail and internal bribing. These people also have some lower party members and so on, until the lowest members.

Every public contract involves corruption. Yes, even (or rather, especially) the big Western corporations pay bribes; yes, IBM (I worked for them at one time, so I know about it from non-public sources), Ericsson, Bechtel, Siemens, Mercedes, etc. pay bribes to Romanian officials. I read a study that said that more than a third of the state budget is lost through corruption. That’s probably an underestimation.

Anyway, the “public service” works like this: some guy bribes his way through the party lines to become a director, a minister or whatever public official; then he tries to get as much money out of his new office as possible. The corporations (or sometimes, local companies) sell goods and services at a hugely inflated markup (often 100-200% more than the free market), part of which is given to the state official who approved the deal.”

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3 Responses

  1. ion says:

    Țara asta se numește România, dragul meu, iar faptul că știu foarte puțină engleză (am studiat numai rusa și franceza în școală) nu cred că mă poate clasa printre cei pe care nu-i interesează nimic în țara asta!!! Bineînțeles că nu erai obligat să ne traduci, însă comentariul tău a fost deplasat. În altă ordine de idei, în România, românii scriu și citesc în română.

  2. radu says:

    Popica tati sau marinica de ce te-ai chinnuit atit de mult sa scrii despre coruptie?
    Mult mai interesant este sa faci ceva IMPOTRIVA coruptiei

  3. radu says:

    Popica tati sau Marinica de te chinui sa scrii despre coruptie?
    Mult mai interesant este sa FACI ceva IMPOTRIVA CORUPTIEI SI SA scrii despre asta.
    Ce poti sa fact in acest sens, pentru ca mie imi este clar ca raul trebuie eliminat , taiat de la radacina si in totalitate, iar daca clasa politica se dovedeste ca este plina de corupti – problema fiind doar ca DNA -ul sa ii cerceteze – , clasa politica trebuie inlaturata TOCMAI DIN POLITICA.
    Ce spui de asta?

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